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On March 27, 2015, the lawyer for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton informed Benghazi Select Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy that (emphasis added):

“On December 5, 2014 … personal attorneys for Secretary Clinton delivered to [the Obama administration] all emails from the e-mail account that were related or potentially related to Secretary Clinton’s work as Secretary of State. … The Department of State is therefore in possession of all of Secretary Clinton’s work-related e-mails[.] … During the fall of 2014, Secretary Clinton’s legal representatives reviewed her account …. After the review was completed to identify and provide to the Department of State all of the Secretary’s work-related and potentially work-related emails, the Secretary chose not to keep her non-record personal e-mails and asked that [everything older than 60 days be deleted].”

On May 22, the Obama State Department publicly released 296 of the emails Clinton’s lawyers had turned over. These 296 were related to Benghazi and had been previously provided to the Select Committee. State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf said then that (emphasis added):

“[Clinton] has said she turned over every email she had that was a record to the State Department. Of those 55,000, we culled through them and pulled out the 296 that were – sorry, 55,000 pages, pulled out the 296 emails, which is about 900 pages, and provided those to the committee in February. So every email of hers that we had that was related to their request on Benghazi, we gave to them.”

As it turns out, “all emails” and “every email” didn’t really mean "all emails" and "every email." Late Monday night, Politico reported (emphasis added):

House GOP Benghazi investigators have discovered 60 new Libya communications between Sidney Blumenthal and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a congressional source told POLITICO on Monday — suggesting that either the State Department or the 2016 Democratic presidential contender withheld correspondence the panel had requested. …

A State Department spokesman downplayed the discovery and said the agency gave the panel what it asked for. …

At the crux of the back-and-forth is whether the committee specifically asked State for all Clinton’s Libya emails or only Benghazi-related correspondence. State says the panel initially asked for Benghazi-only material and only recently expanded that request to include all correspondence on the Middle Eastern nation. …

The Dec. 2, 2014, letter to Clinton’s lawyer, which he then forwarded to State, does not seem to limit the scope.

“Please provide, as soon as possible but no later than Dec. 31, 2014, any and all documents and communications referring or relating to a.) Libya (including but not limited to Benghazi and Tripoli), and/or b) weapons located or found in, imported or brought into, and/or exported or removed from Libya, authored by, sent to, or received by the email address ‘’ between Jan. 1, 2011 through Dec. 31, 2013,” it says. …

But the debate may be beside the point: The panel in its statement says some of the emails specifically relate to the Benghazi attacks and, therefore, should have been turned over, even if the State Department read the document request narrowly.

Reacting to the news, Speaker Boehner said:

“New revelations that the Obama State Department or former Secretary Hillary Clinton withheld emails related to Benghazi and Libya from the Select Committee are outrageous. First she set up a private server to avoid transparency and records law, then she wiped it clean while its contents were under subpoena – and apparently failed to ensure congressional investigators were provided with everything they are entitled to. What in the world is she trying to hide?”

Just like Team Clinton’s claims about her multiple email accounts and multiple mobile devices, the fact that these emails were hidden from the Select Committee is further proof that she must turn over her private server for independent analysis by a neutral third-party. Americans deserve the truth. 

Outrageous. → Either the Obama administration or Hillary Clinton withheld #Benghazi-related emails from the Select Committee.

Posted by Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday, June 17, 2015