Job Creators, Local Officials Back Rep. Gosar Bill to Boost Jobs & Economic Growth in Arizona |

Today, the House will vote on legislation introduced by Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) (H.R. 1904) that will create thousands of new jobs and generate billions of dollars in economic growth.  At a hearing previously held on the legislation, local officials and job creators underscored the economic benefits of H.R. 1904 and urged passage of the bill:

  • Jon Cherry, Vice-President of Resolution Copper Company, says the new mining project that will move forward if H.R. 1904 is passed will create 1400 “direct high-paying mining jobs,” and “more than 2300 indirect mining employment jobs.”
  • Bryan Martyn, Vice Chairman of the Pinal County Board of Supervisors, noted “the massive economic benefits this project will bring,” generating more than an estimated $61 billion in economic activity in an area struggling with an unemployment rate above 10 percent.  
  • Harrison Talgo, a member of the San Carlos Apache Nation, urged passage of the bill to not only create jobs with “high wages and benefits,” but also provide “opportunities for San Carlos residents to start businesses much closer to home that will supply and service a large mining operation like Resolution Copper.”
  • Michael O. Hing, Mayor of the Town of Superior, AZ said the new mining development “is exactly the type of economic shot in the arm we need, and which our nation, and its large budget deficit, needs too. If we truly want jobs and revenue, Congress should be taking the bull by the horns and approving and expediting projects like this one.”

The Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act has the support of more than 20 organizations representing thousands of job creators in Arizona and across the country.  In addition to the thousands of new jobs it would create, the House Natural Resources Committee notes that the bill will advance America’s energy security and protect the environment – at no cost to taxpayers.  As the Arizona Republic puts it: “In today's economy, it’s hard to imagine that members of Congress would fail to give this bill a resounding approval in the House.”

With the Plan for America’s Job Creators, the new House majority has passed more than a dozen bills to remove the barriers that are holding back private-sector job growth – the majority of which have been blocked by Senate Democrats.  The 14 million unemployed Americans – including the more than 285,000 unemployed Arizonans – “can’t wait” for the Senate to take action on H.R. 1904 or the other 15 House-passed jobs bills.  Learn more and follow the progress of H.R. 1904 at: