Republicans are working to reduce our deficit and protect America’s national security this week by replacing an automatic “sequester” the Obama administration says would “devastate” our military. At a time when energy prices are high and jobs are scarce, the GOP bill makes common-sense spending reductions and reforms while protecting our troops and their families.

What is the Democratic-controlled Senate up to? Not a whole lot. Even with a $15 trillion debt – and national security at risk and student loan interest rates about to double – Democrats aren’t even trying to pretend they’re interested in cutting spending. Consider that Democrats…

  • Haven’t offered a budget in three years. Senate Democrats decided (again) they didn’t need to do a budget, and President Obama’s budget didn’t get a single vote in the House. The House-passed Republican budget, Speaker Boehner says, is “the only responsible budget in town” and is “good for our economy and our future” because it “cuts spending, promotes small business jobs, repeals ObamaCare, and implements a real ‘all-of-the-above’ energy strategy.”

Democrats are even angry with Republicans for passing a budget that spends less and stays under legal spending caps imposed by the Budget Control Act. Why? Because they …

  • Want higher taxes and more government spending. They’ve added more than $5 trillion to the debt during President Obama’s short tenure, and are insisting on tax hikes that would raise energy prices (after gas prices already doubled under the Obama administration) and weaken our economy (after the longest stretch of 8%+ unemployment since the Great Depression).

Stopping Washington from spending money it doesn’t have is an important part of the Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators. That’s because, as Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) told Fox Business today, our spending-driven debt is costing jobs and “suppressing economic growth.”

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