One thing the president is sure to talk about in his address tonight is the work we are doing to protect jobs and grow our economy.

The Congressional Review Act is one powerful way we are fighting bad regulations. But that’s certainly not the only way. We will vote on three important bills this week that rein in the regulatory state.

1. The Searching for and Cutting Regulations That Are Unnecessarily Burdensome (SCRUB) Act sets up a five-year commission that will analyze the current regulations on the books. It will flag regulations that are ripe for repeal—those that are out of date, out of line, or are simply costing taxpayers too much money. 

2. Remember when the EPA engaged in a social media campaign regarding the controversial Waters of the United States rule? Yeah, that was illegal.  The Regulatory Integrity Act would make headway in preventing these types of abuses of taxpayer money before they happen by increasing transparency. It creates a searchable database that makes it clear to the American public and to Congress the state of current regulatory actions.

3. The third bill is one that codifies good rulemaking procedures to ensure that the federal government gathers adequate input from state, local, and tribal governments.  H.R. 1009 also ensures that the federal government is transparent and undertaking best practices in developing and implementing regulation.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for more Congressional Review Act actions tomorrow.