Yesterday, following his address at The Heritage Foundation, Speaker Ryan joined The Laura Ingraham Show to discuss our historic opportunity to fix the broken tax code. Listen to the interview here and check out the excerpt below.

Speaker Ryan: “We put together this framework with the President and the Senate and it’s literally 9 out of 10 taxpayers under our plan can do their taxes on a post card. . . . The people who have all these loopholes snuck into the tax code are not going to like it and that’s what the speech I gave at Heritage today was saying we’re going to have an army of special interests descend upon Capitol Hill in a matter of days to try to defend the status quo—which, by the way, is a rigged deal where well-connected people, well-off people can hire accountants and lawyers to navigate this code and get a good deal for them, but it leaves everyone else stuck with higher tax rates and higher taxes. So the whole purpose of this is to unrig the deal, unrig the economy, unrig the tax code, get rid of those loopholes, and just lower everybody’s tax rates and simplify the system. . . . Simplify it so you can do your taxes on a post card and just keep your money in the first place. That’s the whole point of all of this.”

ICYMI: Watch Speaker Ryan’s speech at The Heritage Foundation here