Ahead of the State of the Union, Speaker Ryan spoke to Fox & Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt about the president’s address, and also gave her an inside look at the Capitol Rotunda. Watch the interview here.


Speaker Ryan: “I think you're going to hear the kind of speech most presidents hope they can give, wish they can give, which is, we are doing well. There is a lot of things we have accomplished in 2017. Unemployment is at 17-year low. Economic confidence is at 17-year high. We just overhauled the entire tax system for the first time in 31 years. We have a great justice on the Supreme Court. So, the president is going to be able to talk about a lot of great things that he got done. And then I’m looking forward to hearing what he’s going to talk about for this year. So there’s a lot we need to do.”


Ainsley Earhardt: “Do you still pinch yourself?”

Speaker Ryan: “Yeah, when I walk through here, especially. . . . I’m just a kid from a middle-income family from Janesville, Wisconsin. Nobody ever expected—I mean, who would thought I would get elected to Congress? Let alone Speaker of the House! Only in America.”