On The Kudlow Report, Speaker Boehner Highlights Economists Who Agree Spending is the Problem | Speaker.gov

In an interview with CNBC’s Larry Kudlow, Speaker John Boehner unveiled a statement signed by 180 economists who agree the deficit from excessive government spending is hurting our economy. Boehner highlighted the website – speaker.gov/spendingistheproblem – where Americans can read more and leave their thoughts. Speaker Boehner also said Republicans are focused on addressing our debt and fixing our tax code to promote economic growth and opportunity for all Americans.

Click here to watch the full interview and check out several excerpts below:

Boehner Unveils List of Economists Who Say “Spending Is the Problem”:

“Most Americans understand that the problem in Washington is spending.  And we've got 170 economists who agree that spending is the problem.  That's why at Speaker.gov, we're going to introduce a project to the American people to engage them in this fight.”

Boehner Says Addressing Our Debt & Fixing Our Tax Code Needed to Promote Growth & Opportunity for All Americans:

“If we're serious about solving America's problems and getting our economy on a more solid foundation, two things that we have to do.  We have to address the long-term spending problem that we have, and that we need to fix our tax code to promote more economic growth.  We can't cut our way to prosperity, nor can we tax our way to prosperity. We need [both tax and spending reform] if we're really gonna help the average American be able to lift their lives.”

Boehner Says We Need to Balance the Budget Over 10 Years With Smarter Spending Cuts & Reforms:

“We've got a structural spending problem that has to be addressed.  The president sequester is in effect, and it will be in effect until there is an agreement on cuts and reforms that put us on a path to balance the budget over the next 10 years.”

Boehner Highlights Need to Save & Strengthen America’s Entitlement Programs:

“They're not sustainable in their current form.  We've got 10,000 baby boomers like me retiring every year.  At seven-- I mean, every day.  70,000 this week, 3.5 million this year.  And this is just year three of a 25-year demographic bubble.”

Boehner Urges Senate Democrats to Pass GOP Bill to Keep the Government Open:

“Our goal here is to cut spending.  It's not to shut down the government.  And keeping the government open after March 27th is our goal.  We're gonna add the appropriation bill for the Department of Defense and military construction and the VA in this bill. And we're hopeful that the Senate will not load up the bill, not put extraneous items in the bill.  The president the other day indicated his willingness and desire to see the government funded after March 27th.  So I'm hopeful that Senate Democrats will work with us to make sure that there's no threat of government shutdown.”