The drumbeat for tax reform did not waver over the long Thanksgiving weekend. From West Virginia to California, local and state leaders touted the benefits of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to their communities. Here’s a sampling:

West Virginian House Speaker Tim Armstead penned an op-ed on the many positive impacts of tax reform on the state: “Federal tax reform, coupled with the changes we’ve made at the state level, could rejuvenate and diversify our economy and put our state back on the path of prosperity.”

A local business leader agreed. West Virginia’s state director of the National Federation of Independent Business, Gil White, doubled down on the benefits to small businesses in the state: “Small business owners are encouraged that the president and congressional leaders acknowledge the need to cut taxes for small businesses . . . Over the next several weeks, NFIB will be working to ensure that tax reform becomes law. That way, small businesses can continue to lead America’s next great era of prosperity.”

There’s more support in Speaker Ryan’s home state. Wisconsin Speaker of the General Assembly Robin Vos wrote about the impacts on families in Wisconsin: “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will give us a tax code that’s simple, fair and easy to understand. It also means the average family of four will see tax relief of $1,182 each year. . . . [T]he federal proposal is necessary for the state economy and Wisconsin’s financial future.

That’s not all from Wisconsin. Dan Lloyd, plant manager at the Proctor and Gamble Manufacturing Facility in Green Bay Wisconsin, talked about the benefits for his company and for Wisconsin. “[A] tax system with a 20% corporate tax rate and a modern territorial tax system will boost economic growth here at home and level the playing field for U.S. businesses and workers — including P&G’s U.S. employees here in Green Bay.”

Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist and Patrick Gleason explained how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will benefit the people of California in the Ocean County Register: “Americans who live in high income tax states like California will actually be among the biggest winners from tax reform that, as the pending federal legislation does, ends the SALT deduction and does so in order to facilitate broad-based rate reduction that provides tax relief to households of all income levels.”

Montana’s speaker pro tempore Greg Hertz echoed these benefits and called his community to action: “Let’s start 2018 off in a positive position for our country and our state to grow and prosper. Let’s all encourage our congressional delegation to pass tax reform now.”