Listen to Speaker Ryan’s Interview on The Laura Ingraham Show |

Earlier this morning, Speaker Ryan hit the airwaves for a conversation on The Laura Ingraham Show to discuss the need for a bold, conservative agenda (see: #ConfidentAmerica) that will offer real results to get the country back on track. This means more jobs, higher wages, and a stronger national security—and showing what House Republicans are doing to make it happen. Here are a couple of excerpts from their conversation:

“Let’s get people who are in America, who are able-bodied adults who aren't working or looking for work, let's get them into the workforce. . . . Let's get poverty reduced by moving people from welfare to work. And let’s have tax reform that doesn't reward companies for moving overseas, but that keeps companies here in America. . . . This is a huge part of our agenda, which is: How do you get American jobs, American growth for American workers so we have faster economic growth, higher wages, and how do we get our own people from welfare to work and secure the border and do these things that we need to do to get higher wages, better incomes?

“That's what we are trying to do here in the House, which is: Bring to this conversation [a] real choice for the country. Very clear, bold, specific reforms that are necessary to get the country back on track, that unify all conservatives of all types and backgrounds, so that we can work together to have a unified, conservative movement, Republican Party, and go to the country and offer them a very clear, specific, and compelling choice. . . . We owe [the American people] solutions. We owe them a clear choice. And how we come up with this is we take our principles—our conservative founding principles—apply them to the real problems of the day, and offer solutions that relate, that people understand, that people want.”