Today, Speaker Ryan joined Milwaukee’s The Steve Scaffidi Show to discuss the news of the day—like North Korea releasing three American citizens and President Trump’s dismantling of the Iran Deal—and the House's agenda going forward. Listen to the interview here and check out excerpts below.

On North Korea:

Speaker Ryan: “The President’s pressure campaign against North Korea has been working, is working, and I think it gave the North Koreans, Kim Jong-un in particular, it made him pause and think, ‘is this the path I want to do down or not?’ We’ve got a ways to go here and the North Koreans are notorious for not necessarily keeping their ends of bargains, but I think the positive developments we have had, including this piece of news today, really is because the President put a lot of pressure on this regime and made them think twice about their activities.”

On Iran:

Speaker Ryan: “Well, I think the risk of staying in the deal was that we we're going to bless, effectively, Iran eventually becoming a nuclear power. And the mistakes of the deal were that they were more or less silent on all the other things that Iran was doing, with ballistic missiles, with all their malign activities, meaning funding proxy wars around the region to try and topple governments. And that is basically what Iran has been doing.”

Speaker Ryan: “So, I think, you know, obviously we—myself included—the Republicans, we did not like the deal to begin with. We thought it had enormous holes and gaps. What I wish our allies would have done is work with us within the deal to make it stronger, tighter, and more effective to truly prevent Iran from ever getting a nuclear weapon.”

On entitlement reform:

Speaker Ryan: “That’s the challenge here. If you want to deal with the debt, you’ve got to deal with the drivers of the debt. And the drivers of the debt are our entitlement programs. And the point that I keep making to We can do a better job of meeting the mission of these programs—health and retirement security for all Americans—without jeopardizing that mission. But we have to reform these programs so that that mission is better fulfilled. We can do a better job of making these goals be realized without bankrupting the country, without driving us into a mountain of debt that our kids can’t get over.

Speaker Ryan: “. . . . The good news is because of innovation, and our free enterprise system, and using the power of choice and competition in health care, you can actually make good on the mission of these programs and avoid bankrupting the country at the same time.”