Major Tax Reform Hearing This Week |

The tax code—70,000 pages of rules and regulations nobody seems to understand enforced by an agency nobody seems to trust. It’s time for a change.

This week, House Republicans will continue the process of overhauling our broken tax code through an open, transparent process. On Thursday, the Ways and Means Committee will host a major public hearing detailing what pro-growth tax reform looks like.

Reforms proposed by the House and principles outlined by the Trump administration last month take the same approach: simplify the code, bring down rates, and increase competitiveness by leveling the playing field for American businesses.

That's the key to reaching our economic potential. Don’t just take it from us.

The nonpartisan Tax Foundation has already found that our reforms will create jobs and jumpstart our economy by:

  • Creating 1.7 million new full-time jobs.
  • Raising average household incomes by 8.7% after taxes.
  • Allowing families to save $4,917 more of their income each year.
  • Leapfroging our economy from 31st to 3rd in competitiveness among OECD nations.

Opportunities like this only come around once in a generation. To learn more about our plan, tune into the Ways and Means hearing on Thursday morning at 10:00 a.m. ET, and check out the links below.

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