McConnell to Senate Democrats: “Bring This House-Passed Bill Up” to Stop All Tax Hikes |

“The House has already passed bills addressing the fiscal cliff,” said Speaker John Boehner today, including legislation cutting spending and stopping all of the coming tax hikes on families and small businesses.

To avert the fiscal cliff and ensure taxes don’t go up on everyone on January 1, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is calling on Senate Democratic leaders to “bring this House-passed bill up” and “get this done”:

“With ten days to go, we have an obligation to act on something that can pass the House and the Senate. And if the President won’t propose it, if Democrats won’t propose it, I will.

“Earlier this year, the House passed a bill that extends current rates on everybody for one year, with instructions for expedited comprehensive tax reform by next year.

We can bring this House-passed bill up.

“If Senator Reid has a plan that can get 60 votes in the Senate, break through the disarray in his own caucus and build bipartisan support, offer that as an amendment and then let’s vote. Let’s vote on amendments from all sides.

“And then let’s go to conference with the House of Representatives. They’ve already passed a bill, one that I support, to prevent a tax hike on all Americans and reform the tax code. Let’s take it up here and get this done.”

Read the whole speech here.

The House passed its legislation stopping all of the tax rate hikes on August 1 and rejecting Senate Democrats’ tax hike on small businesses. Learn more about it here.