Medicare: Republicans on Offense, Democrats Playing Defense |

While Republicans continue to hammer President Obama for his failed economic record – 42 consecutive months of unemployment above eight percent – one thing is also clear: Republicans are on offense on Medicare.  Only Republicans have offered a plan to save Medicare for current seniors and future generations of Americans.  In contrast, President Obama and congressional Democrats cut Medicare by $716 billion to fund a massive new entitlement program – ObamaCare – that the country didn’t want and can’t afford.   If Americans follow the path that the president has outlined, Medicare won’t exist in the future because it will go bankrupt.  And Republicans, on offense, are telling that story:

  • “Speaker Boehner rallies Republican troops in Medicare fight” (Reuters, 8/15/12)
  • “Boehner urges House GOP to go on offense over Medicare issue” (Associated Press, 8/15/12)
  • “Boehner tells GOP it can play offense on Medicare” (The Hill, 8/15/12)

On the defensive, Democrats scrambled to put together a conference call to “huddle on Medicare” yesterday after reports emerged about what Republicans discussed on the GOP call, a conference call that had been planned for days.  But we all know that the Democrats’ chief claim on Medicare has been repeatedly discredited and denounced as false.  Politifact has called it the “lie of the year.”  Why are the president and Democrats so desperate?  They are frantically trying to shift the conversation away from the president’s failed economic policies, which have caused what the Associated Press describes as “the feeblest economic recovery since the Great Depression.”

Americans are still asking “Where are the jobs?”  Republicans have not only offered a plan to save Medicare, but have also passed more than 30 jobs bills to help our economy.  One of those measures will stop the president’s coming tax hike on small businesses, a tax increase that independent accounting firm Ernst & Young found would destroy more than 700,000 jobs. Learn more about the Republican jobs plan at