More Editorial Boards Back Keystone |

The president wanted the country to know he has a pen, and now he’s got editorial boards from Long Island to Las Vegas urging him to use it and approve the Keystone pipeline:

FLORIDA: “Now that the State Department has studied the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline and found no major problems, President Obama should give the go-ahead to this long-delayed, long-debated project… The odds are better for the U.S. heartland.  If people there want the Keystone XL, the president should oblige them.  Let the job creation begin.” (Northwest Florida Daily News, 2/5/14)

KANSAS: “If President Obama believes in his own ‘all-of-the-above energy strategy,’ he will stop stalling and let the Keystone XL pipeline proceed… Obama suggested last year that he would approve Keystone if it “does not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution.” With his own State Department having concluded that it doesn’t, he should set politics aside and get out of its way.” (Wichita Eagle, 2/3/14)

KENTUCKY: “If President Barack Obama is serious about creating jobs and reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, he should give this shovel-ready project the green light.  … After more than five years and study after study, it’s decision time. Give this project a green light, Mr. Obama. The evidence is compelling that Keystone is in the best interest of our nation.” (Bowling Green Daily News, 2/5/14)

LOUISIANA: “It’s time to build the Keystone XL pipeline. … The much-anticipated State Department environmental impact statement should be the green light for the long-delayed construction of Keystone XL pipeline.  There may be lots of excuses opponents can come up with for continuing to delay it. But there are no longer any good reasons.” (Opelousas Daily World, 2/8/14)

MASSACHUSETTS: “The Keystone opponents have long been ringing the alarm bell even as they wring their hands, but they are quickly running out of ammunition.” (Springfield Republican, 2/6/14)

MINNESOTA: “Doing the opposite — rejecting it — simply puts political symbolism misleadingly ahead of a sound policy. How so?  Environmentalists will cheer Obama for a ‘victory’ in the battle to curb climate change even though his administration’s own environmental assessment shows that’s not the case. ” (St. Cloud Times, 2/5/14)

MONTANA: “Let the pipeline have its chance.  The U.S. State Department has spoken: There are no major environmental objections to the Keystone XL pipeline, adding another clear reason why the project should proceed. …the Obama administration should get off the fence, and finally approve this project, now that it has some cover with the State Department’s findings.” (Kalispell Daily Inter Lake, 2/5/14)

NEVADA: “President has no reason to reject Keystone…politics are indeed driving the president’s Keystone inaction, thanks largely to climate change and environmental alarmists.  How else to explain the more than five-year wait for approval of the Keystone pipeline, a project that requires no tax money, is shovel ready and loaded with good-paying jobs? … If President Obama won’t approve Keystone XL now, he never intended to authorize it in the first place.” (Las Vegas Review Journal, 2/6/14)

NEW YORK: “The latest environmental report on the Keystone XL pipeline should make it easier for President Barack Obama to climb down off the fence and finally approve the controversial, privately financed $5.3-billion construction project. … Obama should approve the pipeline so the oil from Alberta can be transported to refineries in the United States in the safest way possible.” (Newsday, 2/4/14)

PENNSYLVANIA: “We think that the right decision, although admittedly a tough one, is to approve the pipeline.  The nation’s interests would be served by further reducing America’s dependence on Middle East oil and by the creation of 1,950 construction jobs that will build the project over two years.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2/6/14)

TEXAS: “So what happened to the pen and phone that the president promised to use to move things along in Washington? … This pipeline has been studied and studied during the past five years, and most research concludes that its economic and national security benefits outweigh any environmental risks. … The president should get off the fence, pull out his signing pen and approve this project.” (Dallas Morning News, 2/7/14)

WISCONSIN: “The nation’s best interest is served in permitting the Keystone XL pipeline to be built.  As this report makes clear, opposition among committed environmental activists may be strong, but it is symbolic. (Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter, 2/6/14)

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