You’ve heard by now: The government funding bill introduced this week will make America stronger and safer. But that doesn’t just apply to rebuilding our military and increasing our border security. It also means fighting the opioid epidemic that threatens our families and communities.  

Consider these headlines:

Opioid epidemic takes its toll on Camden.” “The opioid epidemic may be even deadlier than we think.” “In Virginia's opioid epidemic, this drug is the top killer.” “Epidemic not too strong a word where opioids are concerned.”

These headlines, pulled from four different states, are alarming on their own. Even scarier? They’re all from the past week.

That’s why the government funding bill provides an increase of $781 million to fight against the nation’s opioid epidemic.

By enacting the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act—bipartisan legislation to combat opioid abuse—and the 21st Century Cures Act, this bill will increase funding for substance abuse prevention and treatment programs in a big way:

  • It will increase current funding for programs designed to prevent and treat opioid and heroin use by $150 million.
  • Under the Cures Act, it will direct an additional $500 million in funding toward the national opioid epidemic.

All told, according to the House Appropriations Committee, the bill includes an increase of $781 million for fighting the opioid epidemic—including grants, treatment and prevention, and support for law enforcement. 

In too many communities around the country, people are struggling with no sign of relief. This legislation will empower states and communities to help those plagued by addiction—and it is one more step toward ending the opioid battle once and for all. 


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