Nebraska Moves Forward on Keystone XL Project |
For the third day in a row, President Obama will pitch a tax hike that’s been called everything from a “hoax” to a “sham” to “total gimmickry.” Even the president admits it’s a political gimmick – a divisive one that won’t do a thing to create jobs or lower the gas prices hurting families and small businesses.

But over in Nebraska, the state legislature is focusing on the challenges the Obama administration chooses to ignore (or has only made worse). Reuters reports that despite the best efforts of President Obama to block and lobby against the popular Keystone XL project, Nebraska is moving forward:

“The Nebraska Legislature approved a bill on Wednesday that would provide support for an expected new route for TransCanada Corp's Canada-to-Texas Keystone XL crude oil pipeline that would bypass an environmentally sensitive region in the state. ...

“The bill, approved on a 44-5 vote in Nebraska's single-chamber Legislature, allows the state Department of Environmental Quality to review a new route within Nebraska, with [Governor Dave Heineman] holding final approval.”

Speaker John Boehner compared the president’s anti-energy agenda – including his decision to reject Keystone XL – with Republicans’ “all of the above” strategy in a new video out today. It’s just another example of Republicans focusing on the priorities of the American people – jobs and gas prices – while the president tries to divert attention away from his policies, which have only made things worse.