The American people are still asking, “where are the jobs?” But more than two years after the spectacular failure of the “stimulus” spending binge and one year after Secretary Geithner proclaimed, “Welcome to the Recovery,” Democrats’ never-ending series of jobs “pivots” never get beyond their job-crushing agenda of more government spending, higher taxes, and scores of new regulations and red tape.

While Republicans are focused on jobs, Politico reports that the “story of the Administration is … one of a constant attempt to pivot formally to jobs.” And the never-ending pivot is only needed because, National Review points out, jobs “have taken a back seat” under this White House. For example:

  • January 2011: MSNBC reported on the “quick jobs pivot,” noting that “the White House has quickly pivoted to jobs after the president’s State of the Union…” The president pivoted right back though, pushing a “spending the future” budget that would have tripled the national debt.
  • April 2011: USA Today said President Obama “returns today to what he calls his top priority: jobs.” Instead, the White House repeated its demand for a debt limit increase without any spending cuts or reforms, focusing on its real top priority: spending and borrowing.
  • August 2011: And now this week’s reports: President Obama now “promises action on jobs” (New York Times), and Democrats plan to “pivot to jobs” (Politico) and “pivot to jobs agenda” – even as they block energy production that would create jobs and help lower gas prices, attack American job creators like Boeing, and repeatedly demand tax hikes.

Spurring jobs and the economy is always next on the Obama Administration’s to-do list, right after more spending, more taxing, and more regulating.

A real pivot would be for the Democrats running Washington to back the GOP blueprint for job creation. Visit Jobs.GOP.Gov to learn more, track GOP jobs bills, and see what the new Republican majority is doing to create a better environment for private-sector job growth.