President Obama may think his plan “worked” and the private sector is “doing fine,” but unemployment rose in 44 states last month and has been higher than eight percent nationally for 42 months. And even though Americans aren’t pleased with his policies, he now wants to raise taxes on small businesses and destroy another 700,000 jobs.

Answering only “ridiculous questions,” pursuing higher taxes, and protecting unpopular laws like ObamaCare (that hurt Medicare and make it harder for small businesses to hire) shows Democrats aren’t serious about jobs or our economy.

Republicans, meanwhile, are on offense and offering real solutions for…

  • …Saving Medicare: The Wall Street Journal says Democrats cut more than $700 billion from Medicare “by cranking down Medicare's price controls for hospitals and by gutting Medicare Advantage.” They then “used the ‘cuts’ to hide ObamaCare's true 13-figure cost.” Republicans “have a plan to save” Medicare for current seniors and future generations. Read more.
  • …Stopping the Tax Hikes: The OC Register says President Obama’s coming tax hikes could make our struggling economy “much worse.” Ernst & Young says they would destroy more than 700,000 jobs. Economists, small business owners, and the American people all oppose them. The House passed a bipartisan bill to stop all of the tax hikes on middle class families and small businesses – now Senate Democrats need to do the same.
  • … Replacing the ‘Sequester’ Cuts: The Obama administration admits the ‘sequester’ defense cuts it demanded would “hollow out” our armed forces and devastate our national security. The House passed a bill back in May to replace these cuts with common-sense savings and reforms. The president, however, still hasn’t outlined a plan of his own to stop them.
  • …Creating New Jobs: The unemployment rate has been higher than eight percent for 42 months, and yet the centerpiece of the president’s campaign is a small business tax hike that would make things worse. Republicans have passed more than 30 jobs bills that remove barriers to job growth, cut red tape, and help keep jobs in America (and bring home some of the jobs that have gone overseas). These bills remain blocked by Senate Democrats.

Republicans are taking on the big challenges facing our country and addressing the priorities of the American people. President Obama and Democrats in Washington simply are not. Visit to learn more.