Not Your Typical Friday Roundup |

There are probably a lot of roundups of the week in your inbox already. This isn’t that. Don’t get me wrong, the Speaker’s team puts out a lot of great stuff, but there are also issues and moments that don't necessarily get the attention they deserve.

EPPC's 40th Anniversary Gala: Keynote Remarks by Speaker Paul Ryan from Ethics and Public Policy Center on Vimeo.

For example, I wanted to make sure you saw this video of the Speaker's remarks this week about conservatism and putting together an agenda that applies our founding principles to the problems of the day.

I wanted to follow up on our challenge at the Supreme Court regarding the president’s executive overreach on immigration. Listen to Monday's oral arguments, in which Erin Murphy, representing the House, calls the administration’s actions “the most aggressive of executive power claims.”

I wanted to note that the Judiciary Committee recently passed this bill. The Electronic Communications Privacy Amendments Act—or 'ECPA' for short—would make sure our Fourth Amendment rights apply to our emails. Folks, the last time this law was updated was in 1986! 


I wanted to share this photo of the Speaker greeting Cardinal Wuerl on Wednesday.

I think this article about the Speaker's remarks last night to the good people of Racine is worth a click. 

Also, it is National Jelly Bean Day, but I don’t think we have anything for you on that. We did, however, mark National High Five DayNational Park Week, and of course, Autism Awareness Month.

So, that’s my anti-roundup or anti-rundown, if you will. As always, thanks for reading.