By the Numbers: a Conservative Vision vs. a Progressive Manual |

Earlier today, the House Budget Committee introduced a Balanced Budget for a Stronger America. It “provides a vision and specific solutions for how we can, as a nation, get our fiscal house in order, strengthen our national security, provide support for those who need assistance, and empower our citizens and our communities,” Chairman Tom Price (R-GA) said.

By the numbers, here’s how this conservative vision stacks up against the progressive manual president proposed last month:

1. Balance. The president will leave office having never proposed a budget that balances—ever. This conservative budget balances within 10 years and puts the country on a path to paying off the debt.

2. Taxes. The president’s budget never balances despite $2.1 trillion in tax increases. This conservative budget has zero tax increases.

3. Red Ink. Talk about going in opposite directions: While the president’s budget ADDS nearly $6 trillion to the deficit, this conservative budget reduces the deficit by $7 trillion.

4. Jobs. The signature proposal of the president’s budget was an oil tax that would raise gas prices by, on average, 25 cents per gallon. This conservative budget contains $0.00 in energy taxes. Instead, it would expand energy production, rein in crippling red tape, and call for a fairer, simpler tax code.