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Last week, the Obama administration released its five-year leasing plan “that closes 85 percent of America’s offshore areas to energy production,” the House Natural Resources Committee reports.  While President Obama claims to support Republicans’ all-of-the-above energy policy, he has repeatedly blocked American energy production that would help lower costs and create jobs.  Here are two maps the committee put together that show, once again, the gap between the president’s words and actions when it comes to supporting more American energy:

Offshore Areas Open for Drilling when President Obama Took Office

Offshore Areas Blocked for Drilling under President Obama's
Final 2012-2017 Plan

Wages are dropping, families are paying more for everything from gas to groceries, and small businesses are struggling with high energy costs in the Obama economy.  Republicans have passed several bills to address high energy prices and create jobs, including, most recently, the House Energy Action Team’s  Domestic Energy & Jobs Act that “puts a stop to excessive government regulations, streamlines bureaucratic permit processes and red tape, and opens new federal land to energy production to create thousands of new American jobs,” Speaker Boehner said in a statement praising passage of the bill.  The Domestic Energy & Jobs Act is one of many bipartisan, House-passed jobs and energy bills that are being blocked by the Democratic-controlled Senate.  If President Obama is serious about unlocking America’s energy potential and creating jobs, he should call on Senate Democrats to take action, and rethink his offshore energy plan that members of his own party admit stands in the way of more jobs, and more American energy.  

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