ObamaCare Can’t Be Sold (Can’t Be Fixed Either) | Speaker.gov

The White House has tried everything – even an award-winning ‘lie’ – to sell its train wreck of a health care law: 

  • “Obama enlists moms in health care push” (MarketWatch)
  • Celebrities head to White House to Help Roll Out ObamaCare”  (Hollywood Reporter)
  • “White House using marketing techniques to sell health care plan” (Associated Press)
  • “White House Enlists Bill Clinton to Sell ObamaCare” (Wall Street Journal)
  • “Obama calls on bartenders to help sell health care reform” (The Washington Times) 
  • “Nation’s librarians to help with health care law” (Associated Press)
  • “Democrats Form ObamaCare ‘Strike Teams’ to Sell Troubled Law”  (Buzzfeed)
  • “Obama enlists furry friends to promote health care reform in animal-themed meme” (New York Daily News)
  • “Obama administration enlists Funny or Die on health care support” (CBS News)
  • ‘Sexiest man alive’ tapped to boost ObamaCare enrollment” (Fox News)

None of it has worked:

  • “Poll: Obama's health care problem goes beyond website as many say coverage is eroding” (Associated Press)
  • “Poll Finds Young People Souring on Health Law and Obama” (The New York Times
  • “Poll: Obama hits new low on healthcare” (The Hill

Because the law doesn’t work, and won’t work for Americans trying to make ends meet:

  • “[Carla] Watkins, a 45-year-old nursing assistant, called her three hours on the website a nightmare.  ‘I was ready to scream by the time I was done,’ she said. ‘It’s really going to put me in a financial bind now that I will be paying $92 more a month.’” (Wilkes Barre Times Leader)
  • “Greg Tammarino of Troy decided to bypass the marketplace and renew his old policy after shopping on the federal exchange.  ...  ‘We tried it just recently and got on and looked at pricing, and the pricing was four times what I’m paying now with my insurance,’ said the 62-year-old former business executive…” (Dayton Daily News) 
  • “The next big challenge for the nation's health care law may be sticker shock… Many will find they must pay costs up to $6,350 – on top of their monthly premiums – before their insurance pays anything for actual medical care.” (Associated Press)

And people now have to rush to sign up for this? 

Speaker Boehner has it right:It’s time for the president to get serious about stopping this law before it wreaks any more havoc on American families, small businesses, and our economy.

After all, even Oprah knew not to get involved in trying to sell this thing.