ObamaCare Opening Plagued by “Glitches,” “Stumbles,” “Crashes,” “Meltdowns” | Speaker.gov

After years of breaking nearly every major promise on which ObamaCare was sold, the president has finally made one he can keep.  In an NPR interview yesterday, President Obama said he could “guarantee” the rollout of his health care law would be plagued by “glitches” for weeks and months ahead.  Sure enough, today’s opening of the ObamaCare exchanges was marred by “meltdowns” across America, an unsettling preview of what’s to come under this train wreck of a law. Here are a few headlines: 

  • “Computer glitches, overloads hit health care exchanges” (Chicago Tribune, 10/1/13)
  • “Maryland health insurance exchange stumbles out of the gate” (Baltimore Sun, 10/1/13)
  • “NY health exchange website has problems” (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, 10/1/13)
  • Crashes greet Hoosiers trying to shop for health insurance online” (Fox 59, 10/1/13)
  •  “Obamacare launch hits early hitch as web traffic snarls sites” (Reuters, 10/1/13)
  • Problems with state health exchange website on launch day” (KING 5 News, 10/1/13)
  • “Delays hamper California's health insurance exchange on opening day” (Los Angeles Times, 10/1/13)
  • “Slow web site, frustration vex health exchange” (Connecticut Post, 10/1/13)
  • Glitches mar rollout of health reform marketplaces” (Miami Herald, 10/1/13)
  • “Missouri health exchange opens with long delays” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 10/1/13)
  • “Obamacare Exchanges Experiencing ‘Meltdowns’” (Free Beacon, 10/1/13)

The president acknowledged that his health care law wasn’t ready for prime time when he delayed its mandate on big businesses earlier this year, but he hasn’t afforded all Americans – those who will be dealing with all these “glitches” - the same protection.  The House has acted to provide basic fairness for all Americans, passing legislation that would keep the government running and delay ObamaCare’s mandate on individuals and families. 

But even now, after Senate Democrats have shut down the government, President Obama is refusing to work with Republicans on a path forward that would protect families and small businesses from this train wreck.  “This is an issue of fairness,” Speaker Boehner said yesterday.  “How do we give a break to all the big businesses out there, and yet stick our constituents with a bill that they don’t want and a bill they can’t afford?  That’s what this fight’s all about.”