While the president is in Cushing, OK for Day Two of his energy “tour de farce,” the energy we need is stuck up in Canada and the upper Midwest. By blocking the Keystone XL pipeline that connects the two – even as he preaches “all of the above” – President Obama is leaving families and small businesses with fewer jobs and higher gas prices. This is an example of the Obama Energy Gap.

As illustrated in the chart below, the Obama Energy Gap is the gap between the words and the actions of the Obama administration:

After rejecting and personally lobbying against Keystone XL and thousands of new jobs, the president plans to tout that he’s now interjecting himself on behalf of a routine permit that is normally handled by bureaucrats … not Presidents of the United States. Or as Speaker Boehner spokesman Brendan Buck put it, “This is like the governor holding a press conference to renew my driver’s license.”

The president is holding this event because two-thirds of the American people support Keystone XL – and similar numbers think his anti-energy policies will make gasoline more expensive.

The thing is, the southern portion of Keystone from Cushing to the Gulf Coast is being built in spite of his administration – it doesn’t need presidential involvement. The rest of the pipeline does. But instead of doing “all of the above” to address gas prices and create jobs, the president chose to block Keystone.

Republicans have a real “all of the above” strategy that removes government barriers to energy production and stops policies that drive up gas prices. Learn more by “Liking” the American Energy Initiative on Facebook, and visit jobs.GOP.gov for more information on the Republican jobs plan.

And be sure to use #ObamaGap on Twitter to talk about the president’s visit, and his decision to block the Keystone pipeline and thousands of new jobs.