With gas prices rising faster than ever, President Obama’s decision to reject and personally lobby against the Keystone XL energy project pits him firmly against a majority of the American people. For example:

  • “A solid majority of Americans think the U.S. government should approve of building the Keystone XL pipeline... Americans who say they are very closely following news about the Keystone XL pipeline overwhelmingly think the government should approve the building of it, 78% to 22%.” (Gallup, Americans Favor Keystone XL Pipeline, 3/22/12)
  • “According to the Gallup poll, the Keystone project is favored by voters in all political parties. Fifty-one percent of independents said they favor the project, while 35 percent said they are opposed. And even a plurality of Democrats, 44 percent, said they support the pipeline, versus 38 percent who are opposed.” (The Hill, Poll: Majority favor Keystone XL pipeline, 3/22/12)
  • “… support for the project dwarfs opposition.” (Politico, Poll: Keystone Is Popular, 3/22/12)

“But wait,” you say, “President Obama went to Cushing, OK today to say he supports Keystone, didn’t he?” Not really. The president’s “tour de farce” was “more theater than substance,” as he tried to take credit for a part of the pipeline that’s moving forward in spite of his administration’s opposition.

CNN reported that “[t]he Cushing-to-Gulf segment is much more of a local issue” where “the federal government has relatively little control.” The president’s involvement, says Bloomberg, “won’t speed up the timeline for the project.”

The fact is: President Obama ignored the will of the American people and rejected the part of the Keystone pipeline that needed his approval, and in doing so destroyed thousands of new jobs.

So much for “all of the above.”