One Year After the Offshore Drilling Ban was Lifted, Democrats Continue to Oppose More American Energy, New Jobs |

Hastings Presser 07-14-09Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Rep. Don Young (R-AK), and Rep. Doc Hastings (R-WA) ask "Where is the Energy? Where are the Jobs?"

Exactly one year ago today, President Bush issued an executive order lifting the ban on offshore oil and natural gas drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) and opened the door for new energy production and the creation of millions of new energy jobs right here in America.  But one year later, Democrats have continued to block expanded energy production at home and have been steadfast in their opposition to the common-sense "all of the above" energy strategy that House Republicans have been advocating since last summer.
House Natural Resources Committee Ranking Republican Doc Hastings (R-WA) held a press briefing today with other House Republicans where he highlighted the Democrats' obstructionist tactics that have effectively kept the OCS ban in place:
Unfortunately, a year later, a defacto ban remains in place only because the Obama Administration has stood in the way.  Even in the middle of a serious recession with 9.5 percent unemployment, the Administration refuses to clear the way for new offshore drilling jobs.  And the American people are asking ‘where is the energy - and where are the jobs?' 
And in an op-ed published on, Ranking Member Hastings noted that:
Although the President regularly expresses verbal support for a comprehensive energy plan, his Administration has demonstrated that no matter how many Americans are out of work, it will continue to take steps to proactively discourage certain types of economic development - including the creation of natural gas jobs, oil drilling jobs and nuclear jobs. The Administration's decision has prevented Americans from enjoying 1.2 million new, well-paying jobs annually across the country and $70 billion in additional wages each year (source: American Energy Alliance). And it also prevents the federal government from receiving over $2.2 trillion in total tax receipts - revenue that would go a long way towards addressing the historic $1.8 trillion deficit that reportedly keeps the President awake at night.
Democrats talk about creating jobs - but Speaker Pelosi's national energy tax will cost 2.5 million American jobs each year and will punish every American who dares to flip on a light switch or drives a car.  Democrats are also floating a half-a-trillion dollar tax hike on small businesses as part of their trillion-dollar government-run health care proposal, another sure job-killer. House Republicans have a better solution that will create millions of new jobs without raising taxes on a single American: the American Energy Act.  The House Republicans' "all of the above" energy strategy has four main goals: 1) Increase production of American-made energy in an environmentally-sound manner; 2) Promote new, clean and renewable sources of energy such as nuclear, clean-coal-technology, wind and solar energy; 3) Encourage greater efficiency and conservation by extending tax incentives for energy efficiency and reward development of greater conservation techniques and new energy sources; and, 4) Cut red-tape and reduce frivolous litigation.