#OnHisDesk: A Bill to Repeal Obamacare | Speaker.gov

Later today, the House will vote on a bill that cuts the federal deficit by a half trillion dollars over the next decade by repealing Obamacare and defunding Planned Parenthood. As the president prepares to defend this disaster of a law at his final State of the Union address next week, we’re going to fulfill our commitment to put conservative priorities like this #OnHisDesk.

The Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act was originally slated to save taxpayers $474 billion. However, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) determined that it will actually reduce the deficit by $516 billion thanks to the year-end spending bill, which delayed key Obamacare taxes and prevents a taxpayer bailout of the law’s risk corridor program.

This is a big deal. With Republican majorities in the House and Senate, no longer can he hide behind a Democrat-controlled Senate willing to do his dirty work for him.  By using the budget reconciliation process, which allows Congress – once a year – to avoid a filibuster in the Senate, this will be the first time ever both chambers of Congress approve an Obamacare repeal measure, forcing the President to either sign or veto. House Republicans are starting 2016 unified in opposition to this law and focused on putting together a patient-centered alternative that grants Americans freedom in their health care choices.