The IRS misled Americans. It shouldn't. These bureaucrats abused their power by targeting conservatives based on their political beliefs. And then the IRS misled the American people by attempting to downplay this scandal.

Sadly, the IRS is still failing you. On the eve of Tax Day, the agency faces new evidence that it is unable to protect your most sensitive personal information from hackers. That's right: You have no choice but to send the IRS your information even though we know it's not doing enough to protect that data. I have called on the IRS commissioner to immediately fix this problem. His response? “It’s a complicated world.”

The commissioner is absolutely right. It is a complicated world—for hardworking taxpayersAren't we all sick and tired of these excuses?

We will not let the IRS get away with this. Last year, we enacted seven commonsense bills to rein in the agency and hold its employees accountable. And this week, the House will pass four additional measures to make the IRS work for taxpayers—not corrupt government bureaucrats.

We don't just need a new culture at the IRS—we need a new tax code. No one can understand the one we have now. That’s why House Republicans have made overhauling this broken system central to our agenda to restore a Confident America.

The IRS needs to change.