Our Goal Is to Unify Conservatives | Speaker.gov

Earlier today on The Michael Medved Show, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) discussed the bold, pro-growth agenda House Republicans are working on to re-establish a confident America. Below are excerpts from their conversation:

What is our goal as conservatives?
First, unifying our party. “We are unified, all various kinds of conservatives and Republicans. We’re a big caucus—246, the biggest since the Hoover days. And so we are unified. And now, we are moving forward by assembling an agenda to run on and roll it out this spring—not fall, but spring—before the presidential election is settled. Because we believe we owe it to the country to give them a very crystal clear choice so the people of this country can choose what direction they want the country to go.”

What do we want to accomplish?
A confident America. “Do you want more of the same? Do you want the liberal progressives to just punctuate the moment and lock in. . . . Or, is the other party—the conservative party, the Republican Party—offering up an agenda worthy of the moment, which is how do we get our country back on the right track? How do we take these principles that founded our country, apply them to the problems of the day—which gives us solutions that actually fix our problems that people can relate to—and do we run on those, commit ourselves to those, and nationalize the election on an agenda on ideas? We win in ideas contests. . . . And so our goal is to unify conservatives, unify Republicans, offer a very compelling agenda, run on it.”

How are we going to get there?
A bold, pro-growth agenda. “Our agenda is going to be: here is what we will do if you, America, the men and women of this country, give us a Republican president we can work with to do this. So we need to do tax reform, we need to do energy reform to open up our energy. American can be the dominant player in the energy market if we get government out of the way. And we need to clean up the regulatory system. One of the things we’re going to propose is: how do we connect the Constitution and the separation of powers so that we get the federal government executive agencies that have gone way past their authorization back in conformity with law-writers, the separation of powers.”