Paul Ryan’s First Test(s) |

The headlines say it all.  After 7 weeks as Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan has faced his “first test”…repeatedly. Perhaps to the disappointment of many in Washington, Speaker Ryan’s opening days have been marked by steady productivity and a distinct lack of drama.  Still, that hasn’t kept the media from trying to inject intrigue whenever possible.

Here’s a quick look back at a dozen of the top “first tests” that Speaker Ryan has taken—and passed.

1The Interview Test  

"Speaker Ryan passes first test with Sunday show marathon”

2. The Plays Nice With Others Test  

“Ryan and McConnell confront their first big test"

The Ryan-Pelosi Relationship Passes its first test

“Likely House speaker Paul Ryan poised for early test as key decisions loom"

3. First Major Legislation Test  

"Highway Bill Debate Paul Ryan's First Road Test as House Speaker"

"Ryan’s First Test: The Highway Bill"

"Paul Ryan’s first test as speaker; House sets to work on highway bill”

"Highway Bill Provides Early Test for Ryan"

"Many in America are wishing Speaker Ryan best of luck as he prepares for what could be his first test as Speaker: next week’s Highway funding bill."

4. The New Routine Test  

"This past week was an early test…finding a ‘routine’ as House speaker"

5. The Litmus Test  

“…it’s a lit­mus test for Ry­an’s fu­ture as speak­er."

6. The Political Test  

"Ryan Faces Political Test on Steering Panel Overhaul"

"Ways and Means brawl an early test for Ryan"

7. The Leadership Test  

"Funding deadline gives Paul Ryan his first leadership test” 

8. The Generational Test  

"Ryan will have to test that balance between the new and the old"

9. The Budget Deal Test  

“The spending bill presents Mr. Ryan with his most important test so far as speaker…”

“Republicans and Democrats are watching closely to see how Speaker Paul Ryan handles what is billed as his first big test: the omnibus spending bill.”

"Getting his spending bill passed on time is his first major test as speaker…"

10. The Beard Test  

"The true test, however, will be if Speaker Ryan achieves the neatly trimmed full beard and then has the chutzpah to head into Mike Napoli and even Billy Gibbons territory."

11. Keeping the Government Open Test  

"Paul Ryan faces his first big test as speaker: Avert a government shutdown”

"This week, with a Friday deadline approaching to pass legislation that will fund the government, is his first big test."

"In his first major test as speaker, Ryan successfully navigated what appeared to be a no-win scenario…"

As you can you see, Speaker Ryan seems to be passing his tests with ease. That’s probably because he’s such a studious Speaker. Of course, nobody is perfect—which bring us to...

12. The Microphone Holding Test 

When Speaker Ryan was tested during an interview earlier this month, he dropped the mic…literally.

At least the tests are finally over, for now...