Following the “never-ending pivot to jobs” that failed to bring down the staggering unemployment rate, President Obama is turning to a new strategy in his economic speech tomorrow – the pivot to nothing.  According to reports, President Obama – who really must believe the economy is ‘doing fine’ – doesn’t plan to offer any new proposals to address the persistently-high joblessness or dismal economic growth that define the Obama economy.  Here’s more:

  • “Obama is not likely to unveil new ideas to boost the economy and create new jobs, according to Democrats familiar with the preparations for the address.” (Reuters, 6/13/12)
  • “Mr. Obama’s address in Cleveland, described by his aides as a ‘framing’ speech, isn’t expected to include any major new proposals. While some of his political advisers had pushed for that, his economic team made clear they don’t see many fresh options…” (The Wall Street Journal, 6/11/12)
  • “Obama is not expected to unveil any new policy proposals of his own…” (USA Today, 6/13/12)
  • “The reality is the ideas coming from Obama are likely be the ones he has already proposed. There is no money and no political appetite for bolder ideas.” (The Associated Press, 6/5/12)
  • “[W]hile the president isn’t expected to detail new policy proposals, Obama is expected to take a sharper tone…” (The Hill, 6/13/12)
  • “Though Obama is not expected to make any major policy announcements, aides described it as a ‘framing’ speech.” (Talking Points Memo, 6/12/12)
  • “[T]he speech is not an attempt to right the ship but merely another opportunity to articulate what the president sees as the framework for the election.” (The Washington Post, 6/12/12)
  • “For his part Obama will reiterate the economic proposals he’s already made clear…” (The Daily Beast, 6/12/12)

While President Obama is clearly out of ideas for turning the struggling economy around, House Republicans continue to listen to the American people and lead.  Here is a list of 30 bipartisan jobs bills Republicans have already passed as part of the Plan for America’s Job Creators that President Obama could call on Senate Democrats to pass right now to help get Americans back to work.  He could also abandon his plan to raise taxes on small business job creators and give them the certainty they need to begin hiring again by extending all of the current rates.  The more than 20 million Americans who are unemployed, underemployed or have given up looking for work in the Obama economy don’t need another empty speech from the president - they need a job.  If President Obama is serious about helping, he will call on Senate Democrats to pass the 30 jobs bills they are blocking, and work with Republicans to stop the small business tax hike.  Learn more at