Please RT: New Report Shows House #GOP Dominates on Twitter |

House Republicans continue to dominate on social media according to Capitol Tweets, a new report from public relations firm Edelman. The report says Speaker John Boehner and “Congressional Republicans use Twitter more effectively than Democrats” to connect with the American people and highlight what Congress is doing to help create new jobs. Check out the full report here and watch this CNN segment:

Republicans “outperformed Democrats on all of our success metrics,” says the report. For example:

  • House Republicans make up seven of the 10 most influential Members of Congress on Twitter, and are five of the 10 most popular and most engaging lawmakers to use the platform.
  • “Republicans in Congress received almost twice as many replies as Democrats on average,” and “earned an average of 14 retweets from ‘highly-followed’ individuals, while Democrats averaged just four.”
  • Republicans not only Tweeted “on average, 30 percent more” than Democrats, but “Tweeted 52 percent more links” and “nearly 60 percent more links to rich media like photos and videos.”
  • Republicans focus on what’s happening in Congress, citing “specific pieces of legislation in their Tweets 3.5 times more than their Democratic colleagues.” The report said House-passed jobs bills like the REINS Act, and a bill that would stop the Obama administration from dictating where a private business can or cannot create new jobs, were among the most referenced.

The report comes as the Supreme Court begins hearing oral arguments on the president’s health care law, which is the subject of a GOP hash tag – #HCRcostsjobs – designed to highlight how ObamaCare is making it harder for small businesses to hire new workers. In recent weeks, Republicans have also used #4jobs and #JOBSAct to promote bipartisan jobs bills, #ObamaGap to discuss the gap between the president’s words and actions, #2futures to highlight the House Republican budget, and many more.

The New York Times ran an article last fall on Republicans’ use of Twitter that highlighted the GOP’s “very rapid response team.” And House Republicans have dominated several high-profile events on Twitter, including last summer’s White House Twitter Town Hall. Be sure to read Capitol Tweets and then click here to see how you can connect with House Republicans on Twitter (and elsewhere).