POTUS “A Man on the Campaign Trail,” But Newport News Has “Little Patience” for “Serving as Political Props” for Tax Hikes | Speaker.gov

Instead of finding a way to replace his sequester with smarter spending cuts and reforms, CNN says President Obama is holding campaign-style rallies to “inspire public outrage.” Unfortunately for the White House, the gimmick isn’t playing well in Newport News, VA where the president will be today.

“[T]here is little patience here for serving as political props in Washington’s latest budget drama,” reports the Washington Post.

Remember, Republicans passed a bill last May that replaced President Obama’s sequester with smarter spending cuts and reforms (and passed another bill in December). The president’s Senate hasn’t passed anything. If the president spent half as much time working with Senate Democrats to replace his sequester as he has holding campaign-style events, all of this could have been avoided a year ago …

  • The Hill says the president is waging an “endless campaign” (as opposed to governing), and “has the look — and the rhetorical sound — of a man on the campaign trail.”
  • President Obama is “traveling the country campaign-style,” says the Washington Examiner, demanding higher taxes and blaming Republicans for his sequester mess.
  • POLITICO says President Obama is using “all his skills as a political campaigner” – not to urge his Senate to replace his sequester, but to “divide, isolate and defeat Republicans.”
  • Last week, CNN says “Obama held a campaign-style event at the White House,” and his press secretary “defended Obama's campaign-style approach.”
  • Reuters says the president “escalated a campaign on Monday” for another round of tax hikes.
  • “President Obama has been using campaign-style events to push his legislative agenda,” says NPR, noting that his road show has had “all the trappings of a campaign appearance.”
  • The Washington Post says the president’s “high-pressure push” for more tax hikes is all part of “a new round of grim political theater.”
  • CNN’s chief political analyst criticized the president for “staged campaign-style events like the one Tuesday in which he used police officers as props.” Another CNN report said the president’s intent wasn’t to reach a solution and replace his sequester, but “to inspire public outrage.”