VERIFIED: President Misses Deadline to Submit Plan to Defeat ISIS |

Earlier this week, the Obama administration failed to meet a congressionally mandated deadline to submit a strategy to combat Islamic extremism. That’s no surprise. This is the same president who first called ISIS the “JV team”, twice said that he didn’t have a strategy to fight ISIS, and just a day before the Paris attacks declared that ISIS had been “contained.”

Not so much.

Somehow they claim: it's Congress's fault. No one is buying that.

Here are three reasons why:

1.      President Obama’s proposed AUMF would severely constrain future presidents from taking all necessary steps to defeat ISIS. We’re not going to tie the next president’s hands from fighting this enemy.

2.      The president’s AUMF doesn’t even address the current state of play. It was sent to Congress prior to the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, and before recent reports that ISIS has successfully developed and used chemical weapons . . . and has not been updated to reflect the new, more troublesome reality. That’s just lazy.

3.      President Obama has repeatedly failed to present a real, comprehensive plan to defeat ISIS—and the current strategy of containment simply isn’t working. The commander-in-chief is uniquely responsible for charting a path to victory, which is necessary for a new AUMF.

And he says Congress isn’t doing our job? In just the last couple of months, we’ve taken action to keep Americans safe from the threat of radical Islamic terrorism (which, by the way, we are willing to call by name). We passed bipartisan legislation to strengthen the visa waiver program, pause the flow of Syrian refugees into the U.S., and boost defense spending to support our military.

VERIFIED: The president can—at any time—present the American people with his plan to destroy ISIS. But missing this week’s deadline just sheds more doubt on his willingness and ability to do so.


“Trust, but verify.”

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