President Obama Would Veto Fairness for American Families |

Live at 10:00 a.m. ET → House Republican Leadership's Weekly Press Briefing:

Yes, you read that correctly.  This afternoon, the White House confirmed what has become all too apparent: the president is stridently opposed to a basic fairness in Obamacare’s mandates.  American families, he believes, shouldn’t be afforded the same protections from Obamacare mandates that he is giving big businesses next year.  How is that fair?

It’s not. The Obama administration recently said that it will postpone the onerous employer mandate in Obamacare.  Big businesses won’t have to comply.  American families, however, weren’t provided that same protection.  That’s why, as a matter of basic fairness, the House this week will consider the Fairness for American Families Act a bill that gives individuals the same exemption from Obamacare mandates that the president is giving businesses next year.  It’s only fair.

But this afternoon, in a Statement of Administration Policy, the White House said that the president would veto this simple measure of fairness. It writes, “enacting this legislation would undermine key elements of the health law,” completely ignoring that the president has already announced he will unilaterally delay – or “undermine,” as they suggest – the key element of the law dealing with businesses.

House Republicans are acting to provide American families protection – and basic fairness – from Obamacare, a law costing jobs and driving up health care costs.  The president evidently believes that’s worthy of the veto pen.  Do President Obama and congressional Democrats really want to deny families, young Americans, and single parents the same protection that big businesses are getting? Amazingly, apparently so.