A Promise to Rebuild Our Military | Speaker.gov

Last year, we made a promise. We promised to the American people that, if given the opportunity, we would rebuild our military. This week, we are taking action to make good on this promise.

Later today, the House will begin consideration of the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which passed out of committee by a bipartisan vote of 60-1.

The point of this bill is simple: to keep Americans safe.

Here are three key ways it does this:

First, it boosts defense spending by 10 percent from last year’s level to $696.1 billion, including $621.5 billion for base spending. This will give our troops the tools they need to complete their missions safely and efficiently.

Next, the bill provides the Army, Navy, and Air Force with their request for thousands of additional personnel. Following the depletion of our military under the Obama administration, this will help restore our forces to full strength. 

And finally, it increases missile defense funding by $2.5 billion to help ensure we can protect the homeland from threats posed by advanced, long-range missiles.

This NDAA builds on the progress made in our most recent government funding bill to ensure our military is equipped to confront the threats and challenges of the 21st century.

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