Protecting National Security While Making Common-Sense Spending Cuts & Reforms |

Today the House Budget Committee will consider proposals designed to prevent what even the Obama administration has acknowledged are “devastating cuts” to our national defense required by the Budget Control Act, while further reducing our deficit. You can read the legislation here and watch the meeting here starting at approximately 2:00 PM ET.

President Obama’s policies have led to a $15 trillion (and growing) national debt that’s placed a massive burden on our economy. But instead of asking our troops and their families to pay for Washington’s failures, jeopardizing national security, or imposing tax hikes that would hurt already struggling families and small businesses, the House is taking a better approach.

The legislation up for debate today in the Budget Committee replaces next year’s automatic military cuts with reforms that will reduce our deficit and protect hardworking taxpayers by:

  • Ensuring individuals are eligible for the taxpayer-funded benefits they receive. For example, by stopping fraud in the food stamp program we can save taxpayer dollars and ensure assistance goes to those who need it most.
  • Stopping bailouts and eliminating slush funds. The legislation eliminates a “too big to fail” bailout fund in the 2010 Dodd-Frank law, an unaccountable ObamaCare slush fund, and more.
  • Restraining spending on government bureaucracies. The legislation eliminates the ability of newly created bureaucracies to set their own budgets, and asks federal employees to share more in the cost of their retirement benefits -- just as private sector workers must do.
  • Streamlining a maze of duplicative and overlapping federal programs. The legislation scraps the 1956 Social Services Block Grant that’s duplicated by dozens of newer programs, and consolidates 47 overlapping job training programs across 9 different government agencies.

These spending cuts and reforms were proposed by the Committees on Agriculture, Energy and Commerce, Financial Services, Judiciary, Oversight and Government Reform, and Ways and Means.

Republicans made a Pledge to America to remove barriers to job growth, stop Washington from spending money it doesn’t have, and “do all that is needed to protect our homeland” and “support our troops and the veterans who have so honorably served us.” These proposals reflect that pledge. Learn more here.