Republicans have put forward a plan containing more than 100 ideas to ease the regulatory burden on American businesses. This is the third plank of A Better Way—a bold agenda to tackle some of our country’s biggest challenges.

Here is a look at what experts around the country are saying about our plan:

“The ‘Better Way’ identifies both systemic reforms that are urgently needed as well as reconsideration of some woefully outdated regulatory regimes that no longer reflect current conditions. . . . The new agenda rightfully acknowledges the myriad benefits of devolving a great many regulatory responsibilities to states and the private sector.” (The Heritage Foundation)

We thank Speaker Ryan for understanding the needs of the business community. We can’t continue to let unelected government bureaucrats issue wide-ranging rules that have the potential to alter the economy. There’s no question that we need regulations to keep our air clean and working conditions safe, but they must be based on demonstrated need, backed by good data, and ensure that the benefits outweigh the costs. We look forward to working with House and Senate leadership and other members of Congress on advancing thoughtful regulatory reform.” (Bruce Josten, U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

“In addition to reports on poverty, jobs, taxes, health care, security, and constitutional authority, the report on regulatory reform contains a litany of proposals to modernize the rulemaking process and reassert Congress’s legislative authority. . . . Taken together, these measures are a reflection of the House’s desire to ensure regulation does not act as an impediment to economic growth. At a minimum, these reforms could save tens of billions of dollars in costs and countless hours of federal paperwork.” (Sam Batkins, American Action Forum)

"The regulatory reform agenda released outlines a number of policy proposals aimed at reigning in a regulatory burden that has grown exponentially under Obama. While the proposed reforms would have widespread benefits for the economy as a whole, many would prove especially beneficial to energy consumers and the energy sector, both of which have seen costs skyrocket under the Obama regime. . . . The reforms outlined by Speaker Ryan would not only be a boon for U.S. competitiveness as a whole but also would be particularly beneficial to energy consumers and businesses, reducing compliance costs and in turn reducing the price of energy American families and businesses pay each month." (Justin Sykes, Americans for Tax Reform)

“Today, Speaker Paul Ryan released a plan setting the agenda for regulatory reform in the House. While the plan focuses on specific reform bills, it breaks ground by recognizing that federal regulations, including the Department of Energy’s (DOE) energy efficiency standards, burden low-income households with high costs in exchange for questionable benefits. . . .Unfortunately, as Speaker Ryan notes in his plan, the burden of these rules falls disproportionately on low-income Americans.” (Susan Dudley, George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center)

“We applaud Speaker Ryan and the task force members for highlighting not just the problems we face, but concrete solutions that address both specific regulations as well as steps to improve the regulatory process: that is, to make it more accountable, more transparent, more inclusive and follow widely accepted scientific practices and standards. . . . We look forward to working with Speaker Ryan and the task force members to advance these helpful solutions into law.” (Karen Kerrigan, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council)

“We applaud Speaker Ryan and House Republicans for their efforts to strengthen the governance structure of the CFPB. As we see the vast majority of independent federal agencies, a bipartisan commission at the helm will provide a balanced, fair, deliberative approach to supervision, regulation, and enforcement. Most importantly, it offers a stable form of leadership that will preserve the agency’s role regardless of a President Trump or Clinton. Additionally, we thank them for highlighting the need to improve a number of other issues hurting consumers’ access to credit. We look forward to working with the House to advance these proposals to the Senate and then the White House.” (Richard Hunt, Consumers Banking Association)

“Ryan’s address on Tuesday introduced the third plank of the House Republicans’ ‘Better Way’ initiative, which aims to revamp the whole operation of the federal government in the post-Obama age. The Republicans plan to tackle the sheer volume of regulations that emerge from places such as the Labor Department. To emphasize his point, Ryan asked the crowd to note the differences between the Capital Building—where every debate is aired on CSPAN, where each bill is easily viewable online, and where representatives face the possibility of being voted out—versus the monolithic Department of Labor building, where career bureaucrats write rules without little or no feedback or input from either elected officials or the public at large.” (Evan Smith, Opportunity Lives)

Millions of Americans are being left behind in an anemic economy that has failed to deliver the opportunities working families desperately need. We have to do better and put this country back on a path toward prosperity. That requires a change in course . . . and it’s why House Republicans are focused on a pro-growth agenda that will lead to more good-paying jobs and a stronger economy for all Americans.” (Chairman John Kline, House Education and Workforce Committee)

“’A Better Way’ makes clear that there is no single silver bullet to fix decades of government overregulation. Getting our economy and take-home pay growing again requires a broad-based, comprehensive assault on overregulation and abusing lawsuits. Thankfully, ‘A Better Way to Grow our Economy’ provides a blueprint for reform. (Neil Bradley, Conservative Reform Network)

“NOIA applauds Speaker Ryan, Chairman Bishop and other members of the Task Force on Reducing Regulatory Burdens on their blueprint for regulatory and legislative reforms that would deliver affordable and reliable homegrown energy to American consumers and strengthen our energy security. . . . In a political climate rife with hyperbolic rhetoric, unsubstantiated claims and naïve calls to keep it in the ground, ‘A Better Way’ lays out legislative solutions for improving our nation’s economy and reducing regulatory burdens, particularly in the oil and natural gas sector.” (Randall Luthi, National Ocean Industries Association)

“We here at the Competitive Enterprise Institute appreciate the release of the new report by the Task Force on Reducing Regulatory Burdens, issued as part of House Speaker Paul Ryan’s “A Better Way” plan for policy reform. . . . By exploring concepts like more public participation, regulatory budgeting, sunsetting and review, eased permitting approval, and congressional accountability for rules, the task force has proposed a number of steps to lift the weight of the regulatory burden off the economy.” (Clyde Wayne Crews, Competitive Enterprise Institute)