Helping to build a stronger, healthier economy for all Americans is priority number one for House Republicans. The Republican Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs is a straightforward set of conservative solutions that will help create new jobs today, make life work for families across the country, and expand opportunity for everyone – without expanding government.

The Republican Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs has 10 areas of focus – everything from controlling spending and balancing the budget, to lowering health care costs and reining in red tape, to responsible oversight of out-of-control government agencies like the IRS (chief enforcer of the tax code we want to simplify and the president’s health care law which we believe needs to be fully repealed).

There’s our “all of the above” drive toward energy independence, exemplified by our bill approving the Keystone XL project (which will create tens of thousands of jobs and help lower gas prices).

Our commitment to making life work and expanding education opportunities is reflected by a bipartisan bill taking the politics out of student loans (by getting politicians out of the business of setting interest rates).

We’re also working on legislation to modernize our laws and foster technological innovation. The House of Representatives is already leading the way in making government data more open and transparent, and has passed legislation to stop cyber-attacks while protecting our privacy. And there’s more to come.

“This House is going to continue to be focused on the issue of jobs,” said Speaker Boehner. Learn more about our plan at and stay tuned in the months ahead.