Republicans Highlight ‘All-of-the-Above’ Energy Strategy for Jobs Across the U.S. |

Yesterday, the House Energy Action Team, led by Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), launched its American Energy & Jobs Tour – traveling to energy sites across the United States to promote and ‘all-of-the-above’ energy policy to address high gas prices and create jobs.  Here are some of the highlights from the tour: 

  • “Republican congressmen Jim Renacci, 16th District, Bob Gibbs, 18th District, Bill Johnson, 6th District, and Bob Latta, 5th District, toured a well pad where EnerVest Energy is drilling a horizontal well into the Utica shale. … The tour was part of a national energy tour House Republicans had today, with members of the House Energy Action Team. The tour is a bid by Republicans to promote domestic energy production and work toward an ‘all-of-the-above’ energy plan.” (Canton Repository, 5/24/12)
  • “A Southeast Kansas oil field was the backdrop Thursday for U.S. Reps. Lynn Jenkins, R-Kan., and Billy Long, R-Mo., as they promoted domestic oil and natural gas production. … ‘The U.S. does have vast resources in this area, and with new technology, it could lead to a manufacturing renaissance,’ Jenkins said. … Long said Congress has to do everything it can to promote energy independence. ‘You can either pay ‘all of the above’ lip service, or you can have an ‘all of the above’ energy policy,’ he said.” (The Joplin Globe, 5/24/12)
  • “Several members of the U.S. House visited key spots in eight states to highlight America’s domestic energy resources. That included a stop at the Petroleum Conference. … [Rep. Rick] Berg [R-ND] and McCarthy say the policy needs to include goals that the country can work towards, including becoming energy independent. … ‘We need all of the above and when you say all of the above it also means below the ground,’ McCarthy said. … Berg says that ensuring the country’s energy future would generate economic growth and create jobs needed throughout the nation.” (KFYR-TV, 5/24/12)
  • “If work on the Keystone XL oil pipeline does not begin soon jobs could be in jeopardy at a Little Rock plant that makes pipe for the project, two of Arkansas’ Republican congressmen warned here today. … ‘We have talked with the folks at Welspun about the impact of the delay in the Keystone pipeline,’ said U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin, R-Little Rock. ‘They made no bones about it. If this pipe is not put into the pipeline it will be dumped into the market and will reduce the price, and it will negatively impact jobs here at Welspun, which means layoffs. … Griffin and Rep. Rick Crawford, R-Jonesboro, toured the Welspun Tubular manufacturing plant today…as part of a national effort by House Republicans who are members of the House Energy Action Team.” (Arkansas News, 5/24/12)
  • “Congressman Bill Flores toured an Enervest hydraulic fracturing site yesterday in Texas’ Barnett Shale region, and called for a reduction in ‘burdensome’ regulations on the hydraulic fracturing process, saying that would help boost America’s ‘economic recovery and job creation.’” (Houston Chronicle, 5/25/12)
  • “[M]embers of the House Energy Action Team, spread out across the country Thursday to highlight the importance of energy and the jobs created by energy companies. Congressman Mike Conaway, who represents Midland, came to the Permian Basin, bringing with him fellow Congressmen Francisco ‘Quico’ Canseco, Doc Hastings and Randy Neugebauer, of Lubbock. … ‘This is an important day for the country,’ said Canseco…‘What we’re doing today is highlighting the importance of energy, not just its production, but its consumption, the growth of businesses, our economy and jobs.’” (My West Texas, 5/24/12)

In a video marking the Energy & Jobs Tour yesterday, Speaker Boehner highlighted action House Republicans have taken under the American Energy Initiative to unlock our resources and help the economy grow and create jobs.  As Speaker Boehner noted, the House has passed legislation “to stop the administration from imposing a national energy tax” and “to require approval of popular projects like the Keystone XL pipeline that would create thousands of new jobs,” along with several other bills to eliminate excessive regulations that hamper energy production.  Senate Democrats have refused to act on these bills, and President Obama has failed to live up to his ‘all-of-the-above’ energy rhetoric by not calling on them to do so. 

With American families grappling with higher prices on everything from gas to groceries, and small businesses struggling to stay afloat, House Republicans will continue pressing for American Energy Initiative solutions to address the pain at the pump and create jobs.  Learn more at and follow the progress of the American Energy Initiative by liking it on Facebook.