Tonight, Senate Democrats are meeting with President Obama at the White House, preparing for “filibuster summer.” The Washington Post reported a month ago:

After almost six months in the minority, Charles E. Schumer says Senate Democrats aren’t afraid to be obstructionists, detailing a strategy of blocking appropriations bills and other Republican agenda items until they get what they want. …

Get ready for filibuster summer. …

The White House-backed plan to get Republicans to support more spending for domestic programs by blocking floor consideration of appropriations bills was developed in a series of closed-door meetings held over the course of several weeks.

You read that right. Democrats in Congress are plotting with the president to shut down the government and block a pay raise for our troops if they don’t get more spending for things like the EPA and IRS.

“We’re headed for another shutdown,” Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) warned.

“We need to have more money,” Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) demanded.

Are they out of their minds?

Yesterday at the Pentagon, President Obama was asked this question:

Every servicemember who is listening to you today, Mr. President, is wondering, are you going to veto the defense bills that are going to pay me? … Would you veto the appropriations bills?

The president’s response? “Our men and women are going to get paid.”

But how can he say that when he’s threatening to veto the bills that pay them?

Already, more Democrats voted to fund their own offices than voted to fund our troops. Think about that.

If the president actually wants our troops to get paid, he should stop calling strategy meetings of his shutdown caucus. After all, Democrats were against busting the budget caps before they were for it.