Two years ago, House Republicans unveiled a positive, unified agenda—a better way. We went to the American people and said: If you are tired of our nation going down the wrong path, we have ideas—real solutions—to address some of the biggest challenges we face.

What a difference those two years have made. America is stronger at home and abroad with a booming economy, safer communities, and a stronger military. We put in place a new tax code to help working families; job seekers are entering one of the best job markets in decades; businesses are expanding; we’re strengthening treatment for people struggling with opioid addiction; we’re overhauling our career and technical education system to properly equip students and workers with the skills they need. Below are seven graphics to offer a quick glimpse of how our country is better off now. You can read more at

1. Lower Utility Rates for Customers in 48/50 States

2. 4.1% Second-Quarter GDP Growth

3. Projected Job Creation in 2018 Thanks to Tax Reform

4. Unemployment Levels Near Historic Lows

5. Worker Pay Rate Rising

6. Historic Congressional Effort to Combat the Opioid Crisis

7. Increased Support for Our Military