Side-by-Side: POTUS’ Plan to Destroy 710,000 Jobs v. GOP Plan to #StoptheTaxHike |

A new Gallup survey asked Americans to rank their top priorities for the next president – number one was “creating good jobs” (a reflection of President Obama’s failed policies). Raising taxes, the number one priority of Democrats in Washington, ranked dead last.

The House is listening, and will vote this week to stop the largest tax hike in history – which threatens more than 700,000 jobs – and to lay the groundwork for a simpler, pro-growth tax code that helps bring home some of the jobs that have gone overseas. Click here for a look at each of the bills.

Above is a graphic showing the House plan side-by-side with President Obama’s and Senate Democrats’ plans to raise taxes and tank the economy. The chart shows where each plan stands when it comes to:

  • EMPOWERING SMALL BUSINESSES: The Democrats’ tax hikes hit more than half of all small business income, according to the president’s own jobs council. By removing this threat, the House plan will help small businesses grow, invest, and create new private-sector jobs.
  • BIPARTISAN SUPPORT: President Obama may think his economic plan “worked,” but after 41 months of unemployment above 8 percent, leading Democrats – including former President Clinton – agree with Republicans on stopping the president’s tax hikes. One top Democrat told The Hill today, “We shouldn’t be raising taxes right now, with the economy where it is.”

By the end of the week, Speaker John Boehner says “the House – and only the House – will have acted to address the tax hikes that threaten our economy, and the defense cuts that threaten our security.” These are in addition to the more than 30 House-passed jobs bills awaiting a vote by Senate Democrats.

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