While promoting the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act at a local manufacturing company in Chestertown, Maryland last year, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) spoke to employees about all the potential benefits tax reform could bring. "It all leads to the same end, which is help people become more prosperous,” he told the people at Dixon Valve & Coupling that day. 

And this month, those employees are seeing what he meant. On March 14, Dixon Valve—one of a handful of job creators Speaker Ryan visited last fall to discuss what tax reform would mean for American manufacturers—announced a $1,000 bonus for each full-time American employee who had been with the company for a year “as a direct result of the new tax law and reduced regulations.”

In the company’s letter to employees, CEO R.L. Goodall referenced those policies and the speaker’s visit in October: “Speaker Ryan expressed admiration for companies like ours which continue to create products in the U.S. and employ U.S. citizens. He listened to our concerns, and spoke about giving U.S. businesses and workers a competitive advantage through comprehensive tax reform. Today, our country’s leaders are helping U.S. businesses become more competitive again.”

Thanks to tax reform, companies like Dixon Valve—a 102-year-old Maryland manufacturer that employs over 1,000 Americans and has expanded into 14 states—can not only reward its employees, but become more stable and more competitive.

That was the entire point of tax reform—help individuals and American businesses alike realize the American Idea and have more control over their hard earned dollars. It’s yet another example of tax reform working for the American people.  

Read Dixon Valve’s full letter to its employees here.