Some Administration Actions Available to Address Border Crisis |

The following is a list of examples of actions President Obama and his administration can take right now - without additional legislation - to address the humanitarian crisis at our southern border:

Department of Homeland Security:

  • Deploy National Guard to the border for security and humanitarian relief. 
  • Increase Operation Stonegarden grants through available FY14 funds.
  • Ensure asylum claims are valid and standards for "credible fear" claims are strictly enforced.
  • Restrict ability of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to use prosecutorial discretion as related to parole and detention of certain migrants.

Department of Health and Human Services:

  • Require HHS to enter into contracts with organizations that can assist in placement determinations, rather than relying exclusively on the grants process.
  • Require full and formal screening of all volunteers caring for and holding unaccompanied minors. 

Department of State:

  • Send clear message to sending countries and intending migrants that immigrants illegally crossing into the US will be deported and promptly returned to their home countries.  
  • Require State to enter into negotiations with primary sending countries to expedite the return of family units and UACs.
  • Direct State to enter into conversations with Mexico to secure the southern border.