In between lighthearted pleas for more flights to Milwaukee, Speaker Ryan talked with Southwest Airlines employees on Monday about how tax reform is helping to improve the lives of American families. He was joined at Southwest’s Dallas headquarters by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX). Watch the entire discussion here.

“A Strong Foundation”

At the open, Speaker Ryan talked about why it was so important to tackle tax reform at this moment:

“What we saw was a U.S. economy that was really lagging our peers and other countries. What we saw are U.S. companies, just to stay competitive, moving overseas and becoming foreign companies because of our tax laws. What we also saw are U.S. companies put in a huge competitive disadvantage with other businesses, sectors and other countries. We wanted to fix that to put a strong foundation on the U.S. economy. A strong foundation means more jobs, higher wages, more competitive, resilient businesses that don't go through boom-and-bust cycles.”

Bonus Stories

Southwest is one of hundreds of companies to announce bonuses for employees since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act became law, and some of those workers shared their stories. One employee said he used the bonus to help to pay for his daughter’s college education. Another talked about putting it toward flight attendant training. Another talked about how it helped with home improvements. Stories like this show how tax reform is helping people in their daily lives.

  • Ryan, Brady tout tax cuts at Southwest Airlines headquarters. The town hall is one of a number of events that GOP lawmakers have been holding in recent weeks to highlight the benefits of the tax law. Last month, Ryan spoke about the new law at Home Depot in Atlanta. . . . Several employees spoke about how they used their bonus money. They said they were using the money to help pay for a child's college education, to purchase a new washing machine and dryer, and to help feed people in Kenya.” (The Hill)
  • “House Speaker Paul Ryan in North Texas, Holds Town Hall at Southwest Airlines. . . . Employees told Ryan stories about how they spent the bonuses. One employee said he spent his $1,000 bonus on his daughter’s education. . . . House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady spoke about other benefits from the recently passed bill. ‘It just helps level the playing field within our country between industry sectors . . . ,’ he said.” (WPAB/KLIF News)
  • “One worker said the money helped pay for his child's college tuition at Southern Methodist University. Another said it resulted in a new washer and dryer set. . . .  ‘What was very heartwarming for us is just the stories that were instantly being shared by our employees,’ [Southwest CEO Gary] Kelly said.” (Dallas Morning News)