If you use Flipboard on your iPhone or Android device, you can follow Speaker Boehner and what’s happening in the U.S. House with our new magazine: H-232.

In H-232 (named after the Speaker’s office number in the U.S. Capitol), we’re highlighting content – news, pictures, videos, and more – from speaker.gov and our social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and Flickr. We’ll also include information from other Republican leaders, news organizations, and others who help provide Americans with a look at the issues we’re working on.

“We’re doing a lot in the House of Representatives to focus on jobs and the priorities of the American people,” said Speaker Boehner. “So we’re always looking for new tools that help us highlight those efforts – to tell our story and better connect with the people we serve.” Flipboard is another platform that helps us do that.

In addition to maintaining a robust social media presence, Speaker Boehner has led the House of Representatives in becoming more open and transparent. The House floor and committee hearings are streamed live online; legislation and floor summaries are available in bulk XML; platforms like Majority Leader Cantor’s Cosponsor.gov let people to track legislation more easily; and much more. We’re keeping tabs on these and other open government initiatives on speaker.gov/open.

Click here to load our Flipboard magazine - H-232 - on your mobile device or table.