In an interview on the Mike Gallagher radio show today, Speaker Boehner took President Obama to task for distracting from his failed record with manufactured fights and taxpayer-funded campaign swings.  Speaker Boehner also highlighted tomorrow’s House vote to prevent a student loan rate hike, paid for by cutting an ObamaCare slush fund.  Here are excerpts from the interview:

Boehner on the Economy: “The President’s Policies Have Not Helped…They’ve Made It Worse”: “Well, you know, while our economy may be getting a little bit better, it should be doing a lot better. And the fact is the president’s policies have not helped – as a matter of fact, they’ve made it worse. And as a result, he’s had to turn to the politics of envy and divide. I just don’t think the American people appreciate that at all.”

Boehner: “President’s Campaign Ought to Reimburse the Taxpayers” For Campaigning on Student Loan Rate Hike Caused by Democrats: “The Democrats in 2007 created this dilemma by moving to a fixed rate this July that happens to be doubling the current interest rate. … Democrats and Republicans have recognized for months that we weren’t going to allow this to occur.  And the president decides - you know he can’t run on his record - so he decides he’s going to make this an issue in his address last weekend.  And then he decides he’s going to go to three battleground states on the campus of three large universities to do a campaign speech - a big campaign swing.  And you know what I think, I think the president’s campaign ought to reimburse the taxpayers for the money that he’s wasting. … Doing this on the taxpayer’s dime at $179,000 an hour to run Air Force One I think is way over the top.”

Boehner on House Vote Tomorrow to Prevent Student Loan Hike, Paid for by Cutting ObamaCare Slush Fund: “So anyway, on Friday we’re going to move a bill to stop this increase and extend the current rate, and we’ll pay for it by cutting one of those ObamaCare slush funds.  … You know the Prevention and Public Health Fund, which, you know, we’ve already taken some money out of there, the president signed it into law, Democrats voted for it, so let’s go take the rest of it.”

Boehner on Recent Scandals Highlighting the Obama Administration’s Misuse of Taxpayer Funds: “You know, when you look at what’s going on in the Secret Service investigation, you look what’s going on in this GSA investigation, we got to remember that we’re talking about hardworking Americans who pay their taxes and they see this activity going on, and it just drives them over the edge…it’s money the American people earned and, while they realize that there’s a role for government, they don’t want their money wasted.” 

Boehner on President Obama “Belittling” the Presidency: “Well just remember, the president can’t run on his record because his policies have failed. … And whether it’s the Buffett tax, the Rose Garden ceremony about manipulation in the oil market without one shred of evidence, this phony fight that he’s trying to pick over the student loan rates … this is beneath the dignity of the White House. This is belittling the presidency. And the president – the president ought to know better.”

Boehner on the Need for a “Smaller, Less Costly & More Accountable Government” to Boost the Economy: “Listen, I came to Washington 21 years ago to fight for a smaller, less costly, and more accountable government. Because [when] the government’s under control the private sector can continue to grow and create opportunities and jobs for our citizens.  The bigger the government gets, the smaller the people get. … And as a result, America is not going to look the same as it did.”