Speaker Boehner called into The Laura Ingraham Show today to highlight Republicans’ plan for building a stronger, healthier economy for all Americans, which includes strengthening our borders and making common-sense changes to our immigration system.  Here are several key excerpts:

Boehner on Jobs – “We Can Do Better”:

“Jobs have remained our number one priority, even though we’re spending time holding the administration accountable.  The American people are concerned about the fact that we don’t have enough jobs being created.  Wages aren’t increasing.  And I would argue that four years of slow job growth is just flat out unacceptable.  We can do better.  The president’s policies are undermining the ability of our economy to create new jobs and better wages. 

Boehner on the GOP Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs:

“Republicans have a plan for economic growth and job creation; solutions like making our tax code simpler and fairer, expanding American energy production, reigning in burdensome red tape, lowering health care cost, and helping to expand mortgage for American manufacturers and small businesses, just to name a few.  These are commonsense solutions that will help create an environment where we’re going to get more jobs and expand opportunities for all Americans.”

Boehner on Immigration and Border Security:

“We’ve made it perfectly clear that the House will not simply just take up and accept whatever the Senate passes, assuming it passes something at all.  What we’re going to do in the House is we’re going to look for regular order, and produce our own legislation.  In the House, we’re going to approach this differently.  Border security is our first priority.  We’ve got to get that right, and frankly I don’t think the Senate bill is sufficient in that regard.”