Speaker Boehner Urges President Obama to Cooperate With “Fast & Furious” Investigation | Speaker.gov

In a meeting at the White House yesterday, Speaker John Boehner urged President Obama to cooperate with the “Fast and Furious” investigation led by the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee. Here’s some of the coverage:

  • Boehner to Obama - Tell Holder to cooperate with Issa on Fast and Furious: “House Speaker John Boehner, Ohio Republican, urged President Barack Obama on Wednesday to tell Attorney General Eric Holder to cooperate with the congressional investigation relating to the now defunct Fast and Furious gun walking operation.” (Washington Times, 5/16/12)
  • Boehner asks Obama to release Fast & Furious information: “At a lunch meeting the president hosted for the bipartisan congressional leadership, Boehner ‘asked the president to encourage the Attorney General to provide the information congressional investigators have sought about the Fast and Furious operation,’ an aide to the Ohio Republican said after the meeting.” (Houston Chronicle, 5/16/12)
  • Boehner pushes Obama to make Holder comply with Fast and Furious subpoena: "House Speaker John Boehner reportedly pushed President Barack Obama on Wednesday to make Attorney General Eric Holder comply with the congressional subpoena of Operation Fast and Furious documents." (Daily Caller, 5/16/12)

Last week, Speaker Boehner said “all options are on the table” for holding the Department of Justice accountable for the “Fast and Furious” operation. Watch him here.